4 Keys to Set Healthy Boundaries for Teens

October 07, 2017
  All parents hope their children will become respectful, responsible, and loving adults. However, family and work lives are extremely busy and hectic. Time collapses like a cheap cardboard box and soon the months turn to years and toddlers turn to teens. Parents find themselves stumped by the teenage years and completely unprepared.
As parents, we can slip into inattentive parenting from sheer exhaustion. Genes alone cannot give children emotional control. Sorry to disappoint but no gene guarantees emotional intelligence. This critical development is up to parents. Children [...]

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Understanding Is the Key to Teens' Erratic Behavior 

September 08, 2017

Recently, an unforeseen disaster ravaged the renowned Columbia River Gorge, a long stretch of green mountains, waterfalls and riverbed running between the border northern Oregon and southern Washington state. Both states and thousands of visitors were devastated.

Then the news broke that the fires started from the spark of a mismanaged firework: teens playing with fireworks were throwing them from the edge of a bridge in the Gorge. One boy tossed while another recorded the stunt with his smartphone.

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How to Navigate Being a Sibling in a Blended Family

September 02, 2017

"Are you an only child?"

That question always gives me pause. Yes, but also, no. I am not alone in being the child of a blended family. Nor am I the only one who’s a bit confused by the whole situation—parents included.

Between 1970 and 1990, the shift in family dynamics was staggering. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of children living with both parents declined by nearly 15 percent. The number of single-mother households or children living with grandparents saw similar, double-digit jumps. In the past decade, we’ve reached something of a plateau, as far as family [...]

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Addressing Sibling Rivalry in the Home

July 21, 2017

Sibling rivalry is practically guaranteed as soon as a family has more than one child. But that does not make it any easier to handle, or any less frustrating for the parents, most of whom have a very different ideal home life in mind.

When brothers and sisters argue, the entire family dynamic is rocked. Arguments at home can easily spill into each family member’s work or social life. Strife can make a happy, healthy family life seem like an unattainable dream. In extreme circumstances, it can even lead to enduring psychological or physical pains. This leaves parents frustrated and [...]

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How to Effectively Help Your Children with Stress

July 19, 2017

Psychology Today has this to say about stress. "Stress generally refers to two things: the psychological perception of pressure, on the one hand, and the body's response to it... Lifesaving as the stress response is, it was meant to solve short-term, life-threatening problems, not extended difficulties ... Prolonged or repeated arousal of the stress response, a characteristic of modern life, can have harmful physical and psychological effects."

However, it is the perception of a threat by you and your child that determines whether or not a cascade of survival chemicals is triggered and [...]

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How to Build Healthy Emotional Development in Children

July 01, 2017
Whether you're parenting a toddler, preschooler, middle-schooler or teen, being a parent is demanding and is an ever-changing job. One of the most important roles that a parent plays is assisting in their child's emotional development. Whether or not children grow up to be emotionally-savvy adults depends largely on the stability and loving responses of their parents.

Emotional development is not only complex; its architecture is constructed over many years and requires a multitude of experiences and interchanges. Our job as parents is to help a child understand their constantly changing [...]

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6 Tips for Being Friends with Your Child

May 18, 2017

Should you even try to be friends with your child?

"Whether or not parents should try to be friends with their children—especially in the early developmental and teen years—is a hot-button issue in a lot of parenting circles.

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From Battling with My Mom to Best Friends

May 13, 2017

My mother became human to me inside a Macy’s department store. It was in the center of the K Street mall in downtown Sacramento. I remember that specific place because it felt like it took an eternity to walk from the place she broke down in tears, through the glass doors, and all the way to the parking lot. Finally, I drove her home. 

She had witnessed her father die earlier, and shopping for a funeral outfit inside the fluorescent belly of a mall was too much.

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Having Power Struggles with Your Toddler?

April 01, 2017

Mornings can be especially hectic during the school year, especially when parents need to drop kids off before heading to work. Often, one of the hardest moments can be getting your toddler in their car seat for safety. Which scenario most resembles your morning transition from home into the car with your toddler?


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Redirecting Children's Behavior Parenting Classes

September 05, 2016
Are you a parent asking, "Am I failing my child?"
Or are you feeling defeated as a parent?
Have you found yourself doing exactly what you said you'd never do:  yelling at kids, just like your mom did!

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