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How to Integrate Healthy Practices into Your Everyday Life

It’s the small choices you make every day that affect your health. In a world where heart disease and obesity are getting increasingly common, it's more important than ever to take care of yourself. Habits like eating healthy, getting sufficient sleep, exercising regularly, and managing stress can help you feel your best.

These habits can improve your mental health, benefit your heart, and help you maintain a healthy weight. On the other hand, bad habits (like vaping, eating too much fast or packaged food, and staying up all night) can harm your health over time—that goes without saying!


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Self-Care as a Path to Empowerment: Prioritizing Women's Mental Health

Depression is a serious and, unfortunately, very common occurrence for women today. This condition is so common that nearly one in ten women in the United States report that they experience major signs of depression every year.

One reason for this challenge has to do with the psychological and physical makeup of women, making them more likely to be diagnosed with mental health illnesses than men. While these statistics might be alarming to some, they are a valuable reminder about the importance of understanding and practicing self-care habits. Women's mental health must be taken seriously!


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I Can't Sleep! Best Scientific and Natural Remedies for Insomnia and Restless Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Exhausting, isn’t it!?

Our brains rely heavily on sleep, but you know that! Anyone lacking sleep has experienced fatigue, mental fog, and sluggish feelings—there isn’t anything more debilitating than insomnia! Or more rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep.

If you’re one of the unfortunate, you’ve repeatedly asked yourself, “Why can't I sleep at night?” An estimated 30% of the world’s population has that very thought. It's time to rectify this problem!

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Why Emotional Health Depends on the Vital Mind-Body Connection

An old saying goes, “The spirit is the life, the mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.” Nothing happens in our physical world without our minds thinking, processing, and applying the information first. This connection between the mind and the body and its strength plays a massive part in bettering our health and lives.

But what about our emotions? How do they fit in? Do our emotions influence our physical health? Do they affect our mind-body connection?

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5 Breakthrough Healthy Habits for Weight Loss and Feeling Better in 2024

Have you ever researched how to lose weight? A lot of conflicting information isn't there!? Are you feeling unsure of where to begin? Perhaps losing weight is continually on your mind since your clothes feel uncomfortably tight.

Losing weight can feel overwhelming, which can stop us from even trying. I know the feeling! My lack of motivation to lose weight inspired me to get creative. So here are some emotionally intelligent ways to launch yourself mindfully toward a healthier, happier you.

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How to Make a Change Successfully Using the Eight Keys

Change can be challenging whether you're trying to break the habit of being a people pleaser or you simply want to lose a little weight and exercise more.

Positive change boils down to 8 Keys for Breaking Bad Habits as previously discussed. When you want to make a change in your life to be a better version of yourself, it depends on several key components. Bad habits are hard to break, so it’s best to take a crack at them in small doses for the best chance of success. 

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25 Ways to Live Healthy with Ayurveda Principles

How often do you think, “I want to try to...”? The challenge is “trying” to break bad habits on top of an already hectic schedule, right?

Taking a morning hike can seem impossible when you need to beat the 7 a.m. traffic. Grabbing a Starbucks seems so much more pleasant—and easier—than making yourself a veggie omelet or going for an early run. Add parenting, work commitments, errands, and social life on top of a demanding schedule, and your health might be taking a hit, or at least be on the back burner. The Ayurveda lifestyle is a great solution—small changes equaling a healthier life.


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Cultivating Spiritual Awareness through Mindfulness Practices and Movements

Life in a hectic world leaves many of us feeling disconnected from the spiritual and intuitive part of who we are. This experience can leave us feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, and less than present, as our attention is distracted by the whirling life around us.

So, what can help ground us in what is truly important? What is spiritual awareness and how can we cultivate mindfulness to bring more inner peace, calmness, and meaning to our lives?

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Home Is Where the Mind Is: How Interior Design Can Improve Your Mental Wellness

We spend a lot of time at home, more so since the pandemic. Our house is not only our shelter, but it also serves as our recreational space and refuge. And nowadays, in this increased remote working era, it’s often our workspace, too!

Since we spend a great deal of time indoors, our environment is vital for our well-being, and its effects are often underestimated. Did you know that the interior design of your home or workplace can significantly impact your mental health?

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Mindfulness: How to Have Mindful Mornings that Can Change Your Day

It’s often said that mornings are the most important part of every day—and it’s true. After all, mornings lay the groundwork for each day, setting the tone, building the foundations, and ushering in new challenges.

The trick is to enjoy peaceful mornings that encourage a focused, mindful day. But how do you go about having a mindful morning?

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