The Power of Good or Bad Habits

May 14, 2019

Habits control our lives whether we recognize it or not. If you’ve ever tried to overcome a bad habit, you’ll relate to the power of habits.

From the moment you get up in the morning, your activities are on cruise control: brushing your teeth, showering, eating breakfast, exercising (or not), checking Facebook or your email inbox, rituals once you’re at work, etc. Whatever you repeat enough and do routinely, the brain will create a habit. Why? Because the brain is a superhighway of efficiency.

Ponder for a moment how magnificent your brain is. Your unconscious mind orchestrates trillions [...]

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Learn to Recognize and Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions

September 08, 2018

Getting in touch with one’s feelings is not that easy for most of us. For years, we have been taught to suppress and hide certain feelings. For instance, when we are feeling down and blue, we are often told to put on a “brave face” and smile, even though we know we are hurting inside.

Over time, it can become more difficult to express what we are truly feeling.

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How to Control and Release Anger Without Lashing Out

August 28, 2018

Everyone gets angry at some point in their lives. Even our children will get angry when something is not going their way or they get frustrated. Anger, in itself, is often considered a “bad” emotion that we have been taught to suppress and push aside. After all, if we let anger get the best of us, our reactions can lead to negative consequences or cause uncomfortable circumstances for ourselves or others.

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Managing Impulsive and Compulsive Actions through Emotional Intelligence

August 07, 2018

Impulsive and compulsive actions are those types of behaviors where we do not think through the actual consequences. Rather, we simply react quickly to a current situation without taking the time to consider the actual short-term and long-term consequences of our actions.

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Is It Better to Feel or Flee Emotions?

August 02, 2018

From the time we are children, we are taught appropriate emotional responses. Depending on how you were reared, you may have been taught to suppress “negative or bad” emotions and hide these away. For instance, boys are often taught they should not cry in front of others, as this is a sign of weakness, while girls are taught that it’s okay to cry anywhere they want, yet, if they get angry, they should suppress this inappropriate emotion.

On the other hand, concerning good emotions, we are taught to embrace these and experience them to the fullest. Happiness, joy, and pleasure are all types [...]

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Why Companies Fail without Leaders with Emotional Intelligence

January 18, 2018

Leadership requires much more than business smarts. Poor decision-making, breakdowns in communication, knee-jerk reactions to employees, taking credit for another's work or a lack of engagement are a few examples that can be problematic. These behaviors can act as a disease in business and undo even the most prominent companies. What is becoming more and more corroborated is that a leader's success depends not on a business degree but much more heavily on their ability to get along with people, to lead and inspire people. 

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Do you live and love from your heart?

February 21, 2014

Today more than ever, it is important to feel connected and get support. We are all living busy lives. But does your life live up to what you had envisioned for yourself? Are you feeling fulfilled in your relationships? Are you living in harmony with your family? Are you achieving your best at work?

If you are ready to take a step towards greater success in your life and relationships, then this course is for you. Emotional Intelligence is THE KEY to creating the life you have always dreamed of.

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How to Convert Problems into Opportunities

June 19, 2012

In my first meeting with struggling couples, they often deluge me with their problems and complaints, listing everything they don't like about each other and their relationship. They each have a long laundry list of things they blame each other for, and they recite it with fervor.

When meeting with company leaders for the first time, a similar experience unfolds. The business owner, CEOs or managers point out what they want to change or fix.

It's easy to slip into negativity with so many demands on our time and resources. Problems in relationships or business are often dreaded and avoided, [...]

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