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10 Impactful Ways to Show Empathy to Others Effectively

Empathy is a well-known term, yet few know how to show a person empathy or genuinely empathize with a loved one.

Empathy is a powerful tool that allows us to connect with others profoundly, making it essential in every relationship and interaction. Understanding and sharing another person’s feelings can bridge communication gaps and foster deeper connections with our spouses, family, friends, co-workers, and even business partners. But, do you know how to show empathy effectively?

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Emotional Intelligence in Relationships: Let the Magnet of Love Lead

In love and marriage, we're all a bit like magnets. Ever notice how sometimes we're pulled together irresistibly by an invisible force, and other times, we're pushing each other away? That's where emotional intelligence, or EQ, comes into play. It's our superpower in relationships. Think of it as your go-to tool for navigating life’s ups and downs together.

Love acts like a magnet, drawing us together and holding us close. Yet, as we all know, keeping that magnetism strong requires much more than just attraction. It's about nurturing understanding, fostering open communication, and learning [...]

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Does the Procrastination Habit Have You Stuck? Discover 3 Tips to Help!

Struggling with the procrastination habit? Yep, it’s a common habit and one of the hardest to shake. However, what many fail to see is the connection between procrastination and psychology. Similar to building daily habits like journaling or exercising, procrastination also develops the more we give to it.

Learn to starve procrastination with these tips.

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The Art of Empathy: How to Show Empathy Without Saying Sorry

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It is a vital aspect of emotional intelligence (EQ) that helps build relationships, improve communication, and foster understanding. However, being empathetic requires more than just saying sorry, even though that expression is a go-to for many people. Instead, empathy involves active listening, understanding emotions, and responding with care and compassion.

Let’s discuss how to show empathy without saying you're sorry and look at a few practical tips to help you improve your empathy skills.

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7 Reasons You Need to Set Healthy Boundaries: Simple but Powerful Advice

When I was a young adult if someone had told me what a HUGE difference healthy boundaries would make in my life and for my happiness, it would have changed everything. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way: overgiving, pleasing others, being overwhelmed, exhausted, and depressed with never enough time for what truly mattered to me.

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3 Ways to Build Resiliency: Rebound from a Job Loss or Career Change

Any job change can be distressing, whether you're laid off, fired, or switching your career. Still, losing your job can hit much harder than a career change. When you get fired or laid off, your profession, income, and self-esteem can all take a blow! It can feel like you're starting over.

Do you know how to rebound? Are you thinking of it as an opportunity to carve a life and career you love? Sometimes, when there are unexpected changes, we may need the change but not realize it!

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Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trumps IQ in Leadership and Business

As you know, IQ is short for intelligence quotient. It measures a person's capacity for reasoning and problem-solving; it shows how well a person can use logic and information. An IQ test measures short-term and long-term memory by providing a series of puzzles to solve.

But what about emotional intelligence (EQ)? How does EQ rank?

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5 Ways You Can Better Cope with Grief While Working

Avoiding grief and loss is impossible in our personal and professional lives. Loss can come at the most inconvenient times, especially when you have work commitments. While most people can take a short time off work and other responsibilities while grieving, it certainly isn’t adequate. Coping sufficiently with tragic life events can take months—even years. Therefore, there is often limited reprieve from life’s responsibilities and a need to resume your job even though you may not feel ready.

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How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life and Relationships

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is a term that has been floating around for decades. You've no doubt heard about it, but why should you care? Learning and practicing emotional intelligence can feel like climbing Mount Everest, difficult—even unattainable. Maybe that's why emotional fitness is still not as popular as physical fitness. After all, how often do you hear someone saying they're working out at an EQ gym every day? ...Never!

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Do You Set Healthy Boundaries or Unintentionally Push People Away?

Do you have a hard time setting boundaries in your relationships? Are you constantly putting other people's needs before your own? If this sounds like you, don't worry, you're not alone. It's not just people-pleasers who have a difficult time setting healthy boundaries. Setting boundaries in relationships can be tricky, especially if you’re easy-going, kind, and struggle to say no.

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