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Awaken Your True Self and Boost Your EQ with Powerful Journaling Ideas

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your emotions, struggling to understand and manage them? Or have you felt you’ve lost touch with who you are?

Journaling is a simple practice that can help you get in touch with yourself while significantly improving your emotional awareness and well-being. It’s a powerful tool that can lead to personal growth, improved emotional regulation, and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Estimated reading: 6 minutes

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How to Turn Instant Gratification to High Emotional Intelligence for a Happier Life

You've probably heard about the well-known marshmallow experiment by now, a study showing the power of delaying gratification and its link to success.

However, instant gratification is increasingly a central part of our daily lives from the immediate pleasure of online gaming, gambling, and shopping to surfing social media and playing games on a zillion apps. There is a plethora of choices and gratification everywhere! Like it or not, tech addiction is a real thing—and it does NOT build delayed gratification!

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes... much longer to master 😎

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Emotional Intelligence in Nursing: Case Studies Show Its Key to Exceptional Care

In healthcare, a nurse's technical skills are vital, but there's another critical tool that can make or break patient outcomes—emotional intelligence.

At the frontline of patient care, nurses navigate a complex landscape of human emotions. I specialize in emotional intelligence and even I was surprised by the enormous amount of growing research backing EQ benefits and advantages.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

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Amazing Emotional Reset to Change Your Life and Find Work-Life Balance!

Do you find yourself only half-listening to a friend or spouse? Do you race to get to your job each morning and sprint to pick up your kids after work? Then rush home to start dinner? And no matter how many things you check off your list, when your head hits the pillow at night, your mind is racing with all the things left undone.

Yes, our lives are very full, sometimes even hectic, so rushing is understandable occasionally. However, if it's a regular occurrence, your stress level is building, and the frantic, frazzled self is becoming a habit. Here's what to do about it: press your Emotional [...]

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How to Change Your Life: Utilizing the Brain's Love of Novelty

Life is busy and hectic at times, isn't it!? We can feel like we're on a nonstop treadmill rather than truly living. Most people I coach initially feel like they don't have time to change their life, let alone make it through their to-do list. It can seem daunting, requiring time, effort, and energy they just don't have. Ever feel like that?

What if I told you that the key to change and revitalizing your life is as simple as making tiny, micros-changes?

Estimated reading: 4 minutes

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Is a Lack of Self-Awareness Sidelining Your Joy? And How to Fix It!

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are frequently talked about subjects. And there is a lot to be said, yet, like anything in life, it takes consistency and fortitude to deepen them. But how do we really know just how self-aware we are since we're generally the ones judging it?

Awareness is difficult to measure due to unconscious behaviors on autopilot and limiting beliefs masquerading as truth. Yet, if you're looking for more joy in your life, greater awareness is a fantastic place to start.

Here are a handful of emotional intelligence strategies backed by brain science to promote [...]

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What Science Reveals About the Difference between Multitasking and Combining Tasks

We multitask far more than we're usually aware. I recently observed my habits for a week and was shocked at how many times I multitasked—and I'm even an anti-multitasker! To motivate myself to change, I did thorough research that I'd like to share with you.The myth still exists that the ability to do multiple things at once, or multitasking, is highly productive. However, emerging research presents a starkly different narrative, suggesting that multitasking might not only be inefficient but has detrimental effects on our brain health, cognitive function, and emotional intelligence.

Estimated [...]

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Understand the Anger Iceberg and Learn 7 EQ Skills for Anger Management

Have you ever found yourself exploding with anger and later wondered why you reacted so intensely?

What if I told you that anger is often just the tip of an emotional iceberg? Anger may be what we are expressing but hiding silently underneath the surface are often more vulnerable feelings such as fear, sadness, or shame. Shedding light on the emotions underneath empowers us to heal and express them more productively.Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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How Procrastination Paralysis Kept Me Trapped—and How to Break the Habit

When I was in my twenties, I was often paralyzed by inaction and procrastination. There were as many unfinished projects as there were stillborn ideas. But that wasn't the worst of it; what was agonizing was the condemnation and shame I heaped on myself! Sound familiar?

Overcoming procrastination isn’t about willpower or forcing yourself to do something. Believe it or not, our autonomy has a lot to do with this pattern. These strategies helped me; perhaps, they can liberate you, too!

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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Reclaim Your Life! 5 Keys to Stop People Pleasing in a Relationship

Do you ever feel like you're constantly bending over backward to make your partner happy, often at the expense of your own well-being? Do you concern yourself with how your partner feels more than how you feel? Is it common for you to stay quiet to avoid an argument?

If so, you might be caught in the exhausting cycle of people-pleasing in your relationship. Breaking free from this habit and reclaiming your own happiness is vital for your mental and emotional health. It's also crucial to build a healthy and happy relationship. Here are five essential keys to help you assert yourself and stop [...]

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