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10 Impactful Ways to Show Empathy to Others Effectively

Empathy is a well-known term, yet few know how to show a person empathy or genuinely empathize with a loved one.

Empathy is a powerful tool that allows us to connect with others profoundly, making it essential in every relationship and interaction. Understanding and sharing another person’s feelings can bridge communication gaps and foster deeper connections with our spouses, family, friends, co-workers, and even business partners. But, do you know how to show empathy effectively?

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Self-Care as a Path to Empowerment: Prioritizing Women's Mental Health

Depression is a serious and, unfortunately, very common occurrence for women today. This condition is so common that nearly one in ten women in the United States report that they experience major signs of depression every year.

One reason for this challenge has to do with the psychological and physical makeup of women, making them more likely to be diagnosed with mental health illnesses than men. While these statistics might be alarming to some, they are a valuable reminder about the importance of understanding and practicing self-care habits. Women's mental health must be taken seriously!


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How to Effectively Deal with Dishonesty and Lying in a Relationship

In a time of prolific scams and deepfakes, we've become suspicious as an unfortunate fallout. But what about your personal and professional relationships? Have you ever felt that knot in your stomach when you suspect someone isn't being honest with you? The experience is often wrapped in lots of discomfort and uncertainty.

Confronting a person you suspect of lying—whether it's your teenager dodging responsibility, your spouse lying by omission, or a friend who didn't show up as promised—can feel like walking a minefield…. blindfolded! No one knows how the person will react, and how you [...]

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How to Prune and Nurture Your Relationship for Greater Love

When landscaping a yard and garden, we rarely plant randomly. Often, we hire an expert to draw up a design, or we spend considerable time planning and choosing flowers and bushes perfect for the soil, moisture, and light in the area. Having a blueprint helps us create a beautiful, low-maintenance garden and yard. Then we take plenty of time to prepare the soil with compost, manure, peat moss, and sand to get just the right consistency.  But do we take this same care for our relationships?

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Parenting Teenagers: Avoid These 5 Parenting Mistakes I Made

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride affectionately known as parenting teenagers. I’m here to share the wisdom I've learned the hard knocks way. So, grab your popcorn (or stress ball) and prepare to learn from my parenting mistakes.

Teenagers are like Wi-Fi signals. Sometimes, they have the strongest connection when you least expect it; other times, they’re just mysteriously unavailable. The teen-parent connection is brilliantly strong one moment and bafflingly out of reach the next. You can learn from my missteps as someone who’s navigated these erratic signals without the proper handbook [...]

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Top EQ Skills to Effectively Build, Lead, and Manage a Successful Team

Managing a team is challenging—and rewarding! In my many years of experience working with companies, I've found the biggest missing component in building effective teams is emotional intelligence in both the leaders and team members. Nothing can substitute for emotional intelligence when it comes to leading and managing a team.

In today’s workplace, most employers value emotional intelligence (EQ) over intelligence for good reason. Emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in success. Find out how to use essential and foundational EQ skills to empower your teams.

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3 Hidden and Surprising Ways Cognitive Biases Impact Your Life and Work

Why should you care about cognitive biases? 

Cognitive biases exert a powerful influence that often goes unnoticed, from how you communicate and build relationships to the choices you make in your personal and professional life. They silently shape everyday decision-making like a hidden puppeteer pulling your mind's strings.

If you're looking to expose your blind spots and for an excellent way to grow personally and professionally, try examining your cognitive biases?

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How Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions Will Guide Your Emotional Intelligence

Do you ever feel lost in a whirlwind of emotions? Are you unsure what triggers your reactions? Do you sometimes struggle to connect with others on a deeper level—even your spouse?

If so, emotional intelligence (or EQ for emotional quotient) might seem out of reach or feel daunting. However, emotional literacy is the first step to understanding your feelings, and the Wheel of Emotions is a simple tool that can help you get acquainted with your feelings and guide you to a calmer self.

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Low Emotional Intelligence Got You Down? Get EQ Skills the Smart Way

If you feel sad more often than you’d like, react with anger too quickly, or have relationship drama upsetting your life continually, you may be emotionally out of shape! Our emotions are there to guide us to action. People who struggle with low emotional intelligence often don’t know how to modulate their emotions. Feelings and pain can be ignored, stuffed, or sometimes, we use productivity to run from them.

But what if developing your emotional intelligence could unlock opportunities and transform your life and relationships? Would it be worth it?

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I Can't Sleep! Best Scientific and Natural Remedies for Insomnia and Restless Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Exhausting, isn’t it!?

Our brains rely heavily on sleep, but you know that! Anyone lacking sleep has experienced fatigue, mental fog, and sluggish feelings—there isn’t anything more debilitating than insomnia! Or more rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep.

If you’re one of the unfortunate, you’ve repeatedly asked yourself, “Why can't I sleep at night?” An estimated 30% of the world’s population has that very thought. It's time to rectify this problem!

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