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Top EQ Skills to Effectively Build, Lead, and Manage a Successful Team

Managing a team is challenging—and rewarding! In my many years of experience working with companies, I've found the biggest missing component in building effective teams is emotional intelligence in both the leaders and team members. Nothing can substitute for emotional intelligence when it comes to leading and managing a team.

In today’s workplace, most employers value emotional intelligence (EQ) over intelligence for good reason. Emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in success. Find out how to use essential and foundational EQ skills to empower your teams.

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Why Empathetic Leadership Makes a Massive Difference in Today's Workplace

Imagine wanting—even excited—to go to work every day? Picture a work environment where every voice matters, challenges are met with supportive understanding, teams are effective, and successes are celebrated. This vision isn't just a dream—it's what happens when companies choose to support empathetic leadership.

When leaders with high emotional intelligence lead, the company culture provides a place where people care about their jobs and each other. Team success is as vital as individual achievement and advancement. And to many people's surprise: profits soar, too!

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Why EQ and People Skills Will Determine Your Success in 2024 and Beyond

By now, everyone has had a taste of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Let's face it—there's no stopping technology and AI from reshaping our lives and the work landscape. Yet, the significance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and people skills is becoming more relevant than ever. There are certain things machines simply cannot duplicate.

People skills (often referred to as "soft skills") are no longer nice-to-have attributes. They are essential for professional success in 2024. Company leaders are insisting on them in new hires at an unprecedented rate!

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How Authentic Leadership Drives Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity. Inclusion. We hear a lot about these concepts but what do they really mean? And how can company leader and managers do their part to create workplaces of acceptance, cohesiveness, and connection?

The meaning and practice of diversity and inclusion in the workplace have significantly evolved. They have progressed beyond just hiring people of different ethnicities, genders, religions, and backgrounds. It's no longer about just being compliant!

And diversity and inclusion have emerged as more than just ideals—they are pillars for success. A new leadership style is required to [...]

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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Online Business in 2024 and Beyond

The US experienced a boom in entrepreneurship thanks to the onset of the pandemic and the Great Resignation. According to data from the US Census Bureau’s Business Formation Statistics, there was a record 5.4 million applications in 2021 alone. There was also a surge in digital revenue, with consumers spending over $870.78 billion online with US merchants. In 2022, 29.7% of all business activity is expected to be online, with a steady increase in 2023 and the years to come.

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Create Success and Happier Customers with Empathy Statements in Customer Service

If you’re in customer service, you’re familiar with customers waiting on hold, agents swamped with calls, and navigating challenging customer emotions. Unfortunately, those calls can end in apparent dissatisfaction. See how empathy can transform your customer service!

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What Is Autocratic Leadership? Pros, Cons, and Right Use

Leadership styles play a pivotal role in shaping a company’s success and dramatically impact the work culture.

One commonly used style is autocratic leadership, easily recognized by a leader who makes unilateral decisions without seeking input from others. While this approach can be necessary in some situations, in our modern business, the Millennials—the largest generation in today's workplace—are challenging this traditional leadership style. Therefore, it's essential to recognize both its pros and cons and how to apply it sparingly and effectively.

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27 Best Ways to Raise Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace in 2024

In today's interconnected world, the need for emotional intelligence in the workplace is undeniable. Burnout, blow-ups, interpersonal conflicts, annoying employee habits, and micromanaging bosses... sound familiar? 

It's clear that being emotionally intelligent IS critical in the workplace to navigate these challenges. And since we spend one-third of our time at work, don't you think it's time to make it enjoyable, not just tolerable?

Estimated reading: a long read but totally worth it! Learn to 🏄 your emotions! 😆

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Lead with Empathy and Emotional Intelligence to Boost Effective Communication

Leadership without empathy and emotional intelligence is like an empty milk carton for a hungry teenager—disappointing and deflating.

Today's leaders and businesses cannot succeed any longer without creating a culture where employees and teams can assert their best work and thrive in the workplace. Are you creating a business culture that people want to work at—and stay!?

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Embracing Diversity in Brand Identity: How Inclusive Values Strengthen Your Company's Image

Inclusivity and diversity have become vital to companies wishing to build a safe and cohesive workplace. Additionally, it is also helpful for contemporary marketing strategies. Not only does it showcase a desire to grow from an ethical and community-driven perspective, but it also helps develop the credibility of your brand as a whole. Each company has an opportunity to seize these and other added benefits to business growth. 

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