Managing Kids’ Screen Time and Building a Healthy Kid-Parent Relationship

January 13, 2022

Nowadays, kids are almost always on their smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, U.S. kids ages eight to twelve on average tend to spend around four to six hours daily watching or using devices with screens. In addition, teens in the U.S. spend up to nine hours of screen time.

Of course, most everyone enjoys screen time. However, as the parent, it’s wise to keep track of how long your child is on their device(s).

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How to Encourage and Positively Talk About Failure to Your Child

December 28, 2021

From an early age, we’re inundated by the concept of success through television, movies, the music industry, social media, and other people.

But the pressure to succeed doesn’t only affect children. Many parents also feel the strain. Some parents resort to extreme measures to help their children prosper in academic and extracurricular activities.

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Aching to Feel Heard? Crucial Skills for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

December 06, 2021


Adult children of emotionally immature parents are often left feeling like they can't make it on their own or somehow that they're not enough. These same parents are often self-involved, and they give mixed messages to their children growing up about their lovability and individuality. Parents' emotional immaturity denies a child the deep sense of being felt and seen, which hinders a child's budding self-identity.


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Promote Greater Resilience in Children and Teens with 3 Simple Actions

November 09, 2021

Resilience is a hot topic, especially after the pandemic quarantines and subsequent unpredictability for children, teens, and adults alike. As a parent, we cannot control many things that happen in our children's lives socially or at school. However, we can empower our children by teaching them resiliency and emotional intelligence skills to help them respond effectively to life's curveballs and challenges.

Emotional fitness defends against the effects of stress like physical exercise creates healthy, toned muscles that prevent injury. Just like our muscles need stretching and exertion to [...]

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Successfully Juggle Work-Life Balance as a Teacher and a Full-Time Mom

October 26, 2021

Parenting is a full-time job. Teaching can also take up an enormous portion of your time. If you’re both teaching and operating as a full-time mom, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Juggling work and home life while also taking care of yourself can be challenging!

There are many situations in which this combination can happen. You may be a teacher by profession who also has kids. You may also be a mom who has decided to pick up work as an educator to help with the recent spike in emergency distance education. You might even be homeschooling your kids while working from home.


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7 Symptoms of Emotionally Immature Parents and Practical Advice for their Grown Children

October 19, 2021

When parents are emotionally immature, having a healthy relationship with them can be difficult. No matter how the adult child attempts to be heard or understood, often the parent is unable to truly empathize or connect on a meaningful level.


Below are seven symptoms that can indicate that you are a child of an emotionally immature parent. With each symptom, practical advice is given on how to be true to yourself while also being respectful to your parents.


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Critical Ways to Help Boost Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

October 05, 2021

The teenage years can be an awkward time. Hormones, brain growth, academic stress, and bullying—these can all be a lot to handle for a teen. Add social media, peer pressure, and the media with perfect body images into the mix, and it can spell diminished confidence. Eighty-five percent of people suffer from low self-esteem, but teenagers are specifically prone to it.

Not only are the teenage years difficult for teens, but they are also hard on their parents. Seeing your child suffer from low confidence is often one of the hardest experiences as a parent. However, you aren’t powerless and can [...]

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Parenting Tips for a Happy Home: How to Apply Montessori at Home

October 04, 2021


  • wondered why everything is in its place at school when your house looks like a tornado just touched down?
  • noticed how your child hangs up their jacket and puts their shoes neatly in their cubby at preschool but at home, they’re scattered everywhere?
  • experienced your child melting down in a puddle of tears or going ballistic? And you don’t have a clue what just happened?

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Parenting Tips to Encourage Self-Reliance and Decrease People Pleasing in Children

September 07, 2021

Previously, we talked about three hidden parenting mistakes that increase people-pleasing behavior in children and how to avoid those mistakes. Now, let’s explore steps to encourage our children’s self-reliance and help them learn to take care of themselves without sacrificing their well-being through people-pleasing.

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Back to School!  3 Simple Parenting Strategies to Ease Summer's End

August 20, 2021

While kids everywhere are milking as much fun from the last days of summer as they can, parents have the very real job of transitioning into the school routine. And most parents know that even if kids are excited, there can be some underlying anxiety that comes with returning to school. The on-again, off-again schedule due to the pandemic has added another level of navigation, and there will probably still be some uncertainty as we move forward. Fortunately, you can do things to help ease summer's end and start the year on a positive note.

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