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Dating a People Pleaser? Top Ways to Foster Understanding and Good Communication

When I was growing up, my mom bought Wonder Bread (white as the snow in Montana mountain ranges!). She purchased it cheap at an outlet, and I remember peeling off the crust and forming the bread into a ball instead of eating it.

Dating a people pleaser can feel like a relationship with Wonder Bread. They are very likeable, pliable, fresh and gooey, yet their constant agreement is bland and tasteless. And even though initially everything seems wonderful, the nutrients for a healthy relationship are missing.

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8 Keys for Breaking Bad Habits!

A frequent question I get asked is “So, how do I change?” or "How do I break a bad habit?" Although change doesn't happen overnight, the good news is that the latest brain science proves that we can change! One thing is for sure: the quality of our lives is an accumulation of our habits. 

You're either forming healthy habits that create a better life, a happier self, and a more loving relationship with yourself and others. Or you are reinforcing bad habits that inhibit your best self and life. Which are you doing? Learn how to change and break those habits that keep you stuck!

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Life Hacks to Replace Feeling Stuffers with Emotional Intelligence

How many of you grew up encouraged to freely express your emotions when you were a child? What happened when you got angry? Or sad? Growing up in a family where the whole spectrum of emotions was accepted, encouraged, and explored is rare, yet it’s one way that children develop emotional intelligence. Most of us grew up with a double standard where it wasn’t okay for us to express our challenging emotions, yet our parents sometimes reacted out of tiredness or stress.

Do you remember seeing your mother cry when you were young? I do. I remember asking my mom what was wrong as she sobbed—her [...]

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How to Deal with a Disrespectful Grown Child

Being a parent is difficult and complicated. On top of parenting being a full-time job, it costs an estimated quarter of a million dollars to raise each child to the age of eighteen. We dedicate ourselves to keeping our children safe and healthy for nearly two decades—a huge feat in this crazy world. Even after they’ve grown up, we have heartstrings connected to them 24/7, no matter where they live or what they’re doing.

It can really hurt when we unexpectedly find our adult child disrespecting us or our relationships with our children strained. Do you think to yourself, "Why is my grown son [...]

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How to Skyrocket Your Results with Authentic Leadership

Emotional intelligence and social intelligence are no longer optional in leadership. And there are many leadership styles, yet there is only one kind of leader that raises profits while also growing people, engaging employees, cultivating thriving teams, and producing brilliant results.

That’s authentic leadership. This leadership style can make the most significant difference. And showing up authentically as a leader clears the obstacles to success with one irreplaceable skill that outshines all others.

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Do We Need to Experience Love to Be Loving?

"Forgiveness" is a term used so often that few people question its intrinsic value. You'd probably agree that asking for and offering forgiveness has become common practice. Just like many others, I was taught growing up that when you hurt someone—even accidentally—the right thing to do is to say you're sorry and ask for forgiveness. Children quickly learn when adults expect an apology, even when a child may have lacked the skill to respond differently.

Have we erred and put too much emphasis on behavior and not enough attention on understanding the person and their needs?

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Why Being a People Pleaser Damages Relationships—and What to Do About It!

Are you a people pleaser?

I sure was!

Growing up, I majored in pleasing others. I honestly believed as a child and young adult that if people didn’t need me, they wouldn’t want me. So I worked at being indispensable. My pleaser habit was so deeply rooted that I didn’t know I was giving up myself on a regular basis, in every relationship at home and work. And whoa!—the havoc it wrecked in my romantic relationships!

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The Three Kinds of Empathy: Emotional, Cognitive, Compassionate

Do you know what the three kinds of empathy are and how to express them? Empathy is a must-learn skill that brings more ease and understanding to your life and relationships!When a student tells you they’re overwhelmed or your partner is working from home and is stressing—do you respond with empathy? Or do you react? Or how would you respond if your partner expressed fear, sadness, and anger telling you they lost their job, and it was right after you dipped into savings to build an addition to your house? The ideal would be to respond thoughtfully and empathetically, but many of us react.


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How to Build Healthy Emotional Development in Children

Whether you're parenting a toddler, preschooler, middle-schooler, or teen, parental stress is guaranteed. Being a parent is demanding (and fun) and is an ever-changing job. One of the most important roles that a parent plays is assisting in their child's emotional development. Whether or not children grow up to be emotionally savvy adults depends on the stability and loving responses of their parents. Emotional intelligence is largely downloaded through positive parental engagement.

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What Is Empathy and Why Is It Important?

Have you ever had one of those days when you just needed someone to talk to, someone to really get how you were feeling? Have you ever felt totally misunderstood by your spouse or a friend? Well, if you have, you were more than likely needing a dose of empathy.

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