Marriage Proposal Statistics: Fun Facts and Surprising Stats

November 18, 2021

Whether you’re tying the knot with the one you love or helping a friend or family member plan their wedding, there are a lot of numbers to get straight in the process. Thankfully, there are tons of statistics to help inform your decision-making and spark creativity. You’ll be surprised by some of the marriage proposal stats!

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The Best Way to Prepare for Marriage Is to Savor Your Engagement

January 05, 2021
Each year around the holiday season, social media posts are filled with pictures of rings, proposal videos, and changed relationship status. We are presently in the middle of the most popular proposal time of year with nearly forty percent of all engagements occurring occurring between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. This time period is often called the proposal season. As the time frame coincides with traditional holidays that are family gatherings, it seems a natural time for couples' proposals because they want to share their love commitment with those they love.

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Eloping: Not the Escape Weddings of the Past

December 03, 2020

Recently, I ran into my dear friend, Merissa. She is alocal photographer in Bozeman, Montana, who photographed some family photos for my family, and my husband and I’s wedding. As we caught up on how our lives were going, Merissa shared some shifts in the wedding industry and how her business changed with this year's trends. An increasing trend she is seeing is twofold: 1) a new way to define elopements and 2) increased popularity of elopements.

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Until Quarantine Do Us Part - 5 Swoon-Worthy Ways to Propose at Home

April 30, 2020

While COVID-19 has left us with a lot of uncertainty, it’s also left us with a lot of things we can be sure about. Like snacking every half an hour, wearing our PJs for way too long, and spending more time than ever with our partner.

If your endless hours of bonding at home with your partner have brought you closer than ever, you may be contemplating asking that question. No, I’m not talking about the "What should we have for dinner?’" question. I’m talking about the question of all questions - "Will you marry me?’"

If you’ve decided that there’s no better time to pop the question, [...]

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Taming the Flood of Contradictions in a Wedding

November 13, 2018

It is very apparent to everyone that weddings are quite a dichotomy—filled with contradictions.

Beginnings and endings. Expected extravagance clashing with necessary budgets. The anticipation of the perfect day colliding with unknowns and fears. The exhilaration of love and joy contrasted with forgotten details, letdowns, and disappointments. The elevated happiness and the greatest stress are all tied up in one day.

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Is It Possible to Plan a Microwedding and Keep Everyone Happy?

June 19, 2018

We just wanted all of our loved ones, a place to dance, and an open bar.

The second you say the word wedding, what should be a wonderful celebration comes crashing down around your feet in a flurry of multi-thousand-dollar estimates, tangled branches of the family tree, and a never-ending list of logistics. I never even knew what Chiavari chairs were!

The wedding world is in a different universe, and as much as you might envision that magical day, I do not believe any amount of pre-planning prepares you for when you dive into it.

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Before Wedding Planning, Get Clear About Your Priorities

February 13, 2018

Right after the proposal, everyone wants to see the ring, know the date, ask about the venue. As a newlywed couple, it’s easy to feel like you’re suddenly sliding down a steep slope to “I Do” without a moment to pause.

Swept up by the excitement, Emotional Intelligence tends to get pushed aside. (Related: What is Emotional Intelligence?)

You know when you’ve been staring at a screen too long and you suddenly wake up to your surroundings? Your eyes re-adjust. You realize you’re down some dark rabbit hole of Google or Instagram or whatever. You know that you’ve gone past the point of [...]

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