Nurturing Emotional Wellness: The Essential Guide to Postpartum Self-Care

November 30, 2023

Welcome to the remarkable and transformative journey of motherhood, an adventure that brings both immense joy and significant challenges. This guide will support you through the postpartum period, a crucial phase where physical and emotional well-being are deeply intertwined. Remember, in parenthood, self-care transcends mere benefit—it is a necessity for surviving and thriving.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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Emotional Intelligence in Relationships: Let the Magnet of Love Lead

November 22, 2023

In love and marriage, we're all a bit like magnets. Ever notice how sometimes we're pulled together irresistibly by an invisible force, and other times, we're pushing each other away? That's where emotional intelligence, or EQ, comes into play. It's our superpower in relationships. Think of it as your go-to tool for navigating life’s ups and downs together.

Love acts like a magnet, drawing us together and holding us close. Yet, as we all know, keeping that magnetism strong requires much more than just attraction. It's about nurturing understanding, fostering open communication, and learning [...]

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Making Peace with Your Past—Get Your Life Back!

November 08, 2023

Sometimes our past hurts can feel like they dictate the narrative of our lives, but in truth, we can author a new chapter—one of healing and hope. For over two decades, I've guided individuals towards emotional wholeness so I've seen the profound impact that making peace with your past can have. It’s about turning over the soil of your experiences to unearth the lessons they hold and planting seeds for a more peaceful future.

We cannot change our past, but we can alter the way we carry and integrate it within ourselves. This acceptance is not an exercise in forgetting but an invitation to [...]

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Create Success and Happier Customers with Empathy Statements in Customer Service

November 06, 2023

If you’re in customer service, you’re familiar with customers waiting on hold, agents swamped with calls, and navigating challenging customer emotions. Unfortunately, those calls can end in apparent dissatisfaction. See how empathy can transform your customer service!

Estimated reading: 7 minutes

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37 Inspiring Ways for Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

October 29, 2023

Most parents want to spare their children hurt or heartbreaks. But let’s be real—struggle and pain are a natural part of life. What we can do is equip them with resilience, emotional intelligence, and EQ skills to navigate life’s curveballs.

Give your children the tools to build enriching experiences and relationships. Find out how!

Estimated reading: a long read, but skip to what interests you for a 2-minute read!

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How to Make a Change Successfully Using the Eight Keys

October 17, 2023

Change can be challenging whether you're trying to break the habit of being a people pleaser or you simply want to lose a little weight and exercise more.

Positive change boils down to 8 Keys for Breaking Bad Habits as previously discussed. When you want to make a change in your life to be a better version of yourself, it depends on several key components. Bad habits are hard to break, so it’s best to take a crack at them in small doses for the best chance of success. 

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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5 Best Emotional Intelligence Courses for the Workplace

October 09, 2023

Do you ever snap at an employee at work? (Or do you wait until you get home and take your stress out on your family?)

Are you struggling with turnover? Unable to motivate employees? Profits are down and stress is up? Are constant conflicts keeping you tied up in knots?

Time to hone up on your emotional intelligence skills! EQ determines how effectively we navigate stress, lead ourselves and others, and whether or not we're successful in our everyday interactions.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

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25 Ways to Live Healthy with Ayurveda Principles

October 07, 2023

How often do you think, “I want to try to...”? The challenge is “trying” to break bad habits on top of an already hectic schedule, right?

Taking a morning hike can seem impossible when you need to beat the 7 a.m. traffic. Grabbing a Starbucks seems so much more pleasant—and easier—than making yourself a veggie omelet or going for an early run. Add parenting, work commitments, errands, and social life on top of a demanding schedule, and your health might be taking a hit, or at least be on the back burner. The Ayurveda lifestyle is a great solution—small changes equaling a healthier life.


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How to Effectively Respond to Disrespectful Stepchildren in a Blended Family

September 21, 2023

Becoming a stepparent is a bit like stepping onto a roller coaster. One minute, you’re excited and getting high-fives; the next, you’re navigating through a sea of moody silences and disrespectful behaviors.

Stepkids have seen their birth families disrupted, so they're on a tough ride, too. They’re processing massive feelings and trying to find their footing. And then, on top of all this chaos, you and your partner might not see eye-to-eye on how to parent. Phew!

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

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Don't Be the Latest Statistic!  5 Keys for a Healthy Relationship

September 09, 2023

Contrary to what you might feel, it’s not too late to save your relationship!

If you're struggling in your relationship, it might be too big of a stretch to remember that honeymoon feeling. Those blissful feelings are often mowed over by conflicts, complaining, and disagreements. Many couples don’t understand why the strife continues and often feel helpless to stop the vicious cycle. So, unfortunately, they keep digging the hole deeper, having the same arguments over and over.

Some wonder, “Have I fallen out of love?” or "Why am I failing at love?" Others wonder if they're the only ones with [...]

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