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Jennifer A. Williams / Emotional Intelligence Coach

Jennifer A. Williams / Emotional Intelligence Coach

Jennifer is the Heartmanity founder and an emotional intelligence expert. She has two decades of EQ experience and is the author of emotional intelligence training and courses. As an emotional fitness coach, Jennifer teaches EQ skills, brain science hacks, and a comprehensive approach that gets results. She is happily married and the mother of three incredible grown children.
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How to Apply Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Your Everyday Life

February 19, 2024

Do you ever lose sight of what truly matters for your well-being and fulfillment? Feel out of whack?

Understanding how to prioritize our needs and goals is essential since they often compete with endless demands on our time. In both our personal and professional lives, the challenge of managing our commitments can feel overwhelming. As a solo-entrepreneur, I’ve found that being intentional helps with work-life balance and carving time for what truly matters.

EQ tools, such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, can be an indispensable guide. They help us spot those times when we’ve let self-care [...]

Posted in Emotional Intelligence & Fitness

Dating a People Pleaser? Top Ways to Foster Understanding and Good Communication

February 12, 2024

When I was growing up, my mom bought Wonder Bread (white as the snow in Montana mountain ranges!). She purchased it cheap at an outlet, and I remember peeling off the crust and forming the bread into a ball instead of eating it.

Dating a people pleaser can feel like a relationship with Wonder Bread. They are very likeable, pliable, fresh and gooey, yet their constant agreement is bland and tasteless. And even though initially everything seems wonderful, the nutrients for a healthy relationship are missing.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

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A Simple Way to Enhance Joy and Inner Peace: The Science of Gratitude

February 06, 2024

Have you ever paused to consider the small moments that bring a smile to your face?

Can savoring these joyful moments be a key to a more fulfilling and happy life?

You bet!

Practicing gratitude is a magic bullet.

Estimated reading: 5 minutes

Posted in Emotional Intelligence & Fitness

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence: 5 Essential Keys to Emotional Literacy

January 27, 2024

While driving home over the Bozeman Pass the other night, I spotted a snowplow lit up like a Christmas tree. For good reason, snowplows want to be seen—too many related accidents. It certainly got my attention in the abyss of a cold, dark night.

People light up, too. Sometimes with joy, other times with anger. People rev up with excitement or shut down with depression. Emotions move us—for better or worse! We can clear the impediments to happy relationships—just like a snowplow moves the snow.

Whether you want to learn to connect deeper with yourself or be more present to your partner, [...]

Posted in Emotional Intelligence & Fitness

Why Mind Movies Are the Best Tool to Create a Life You Love!

January 22, 2024

Imagine transforming your dreams into reality using a simple tool with the power to reshape your unconscious.

Sound far-fetched? Think again.

You’ll see just how much science backs the powerful techniques used in Mind Movies.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Posted in Brain Fitness, Mindfulness and Perspective

Vital Emotional Intelligence Skills for Men Who Lack Empathy in Relationships

January 06, 2024

Have you ever tried to share your feelings with a friend, partner, or family member only to feel dismissed or misunderstood? It can be confusing, and even hurt. Perhaps you struggle to connect emotionally yourself. And it's not uncommon for men who lack empathy to struggle in relationships. Every person who feels unheard and every couple who argues needs empathy.

Whether you want to learn to connect deeper with yourself or be more present to your partner, this emotional intelligence skill needs to be in the front row of every communication.

Estimated reading: 6 minutes

Posted in Emotional Intelligence & Fitness

Why Emotional Health Depends on the Vital Mind-Body Connection

December 30, 2023

An old saying goes, “The spirit is the life, the mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.” Nothing happens in our physical world without our minds thinking, processing, and applying the information first. This connection between the mind and the body and its strength plays a massive part in bettering our health and lives.

But what about our emotions? How do they fit in? Do our emotions influence our physical health? Do they affect our mind-body connection?

Estimated reading: 8 minutes

Posted in Emotional Intelligence & Fitness, Habits for Health

5 Breakthrough Healthy Habits for Weight Loss and Feeling Better in 2024

December 17, 2023

Have you ever researched how to lose weight? A lot of conflicting information isn't there!? Are you feeling unsure of where to begin? Perhaps losing weight is continually on your mind since your clothes feel uncomfortably tight.

Losing weight can feel overwhelming, which can stop us from even trying. I know the feeling! My lack of motivation to lose weight inspired me to get creative. So here are some emotionally intelligent ways to launch yourself mindfully toward a healthier, happier you.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Posted in Habits for Health

Making Peace with Your Past—Get Your Life Back!

November 08, 2023

Sometimes our past hurts can feel like they dictate the narrative of our lives, but in truth, we can author a new chapter—one of healing and hope. For over two decades, I've guided individuals towards emotional wholeness so I've seen the profound impact that making peace with your past can have. It’s about turning over the soil of your experiences to unearth the lessons they hold and planting seeds for a more peaceful future.

We cannot change our past, but we can alter the way we carry and integrate it within ourselves. This acceptance is not an exercise in forgetting but an invitation to [...]

Posted in Emotional Intelligence & Fitness

How to Make a Change Successfully Using the Eight Keys

October 17, 2023

Change can be challenging whether you're trying to break the habit of being a people pleaser or you simply want to lose a little weight and exercise more.

Positive change boils down to 8 Keys for Breaking Bad Habits as previously discussed. When you want to make a change in your life to be a better version of yourself, it depends on several key components. Bad habits are hard to break, so it’s best to take a crack at them in small doses for the best chance of success. 

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Posted in Brain Fitness, Mindfulness and Perspective, Habits for Health

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