Redirecting Children's Behavior Parenting Classes

September 05, 2016
Are you a parent asking, "Am I failing my child?"
Or are you feeling defeated as a parent?
Have you found yourself doing exactly what you said you'd never do:  yelling at kids, just like your mom did!

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Befriend Your True Self Women's Retreat

February 25, 2014

Is every day a rerun of the day before: void of the vitality you crave?

Do you postpone your passions?

Do you care for others all day long, but then there’s nothing left for you?

How would life be different if you unconditionally accepted yourself? 

What would your life be like if your authentic, loving self was running the show?


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Self-Acceptance Is the Doorway to Authentic Power

December 04, 2013

Self-acceptance is the doorway to our authentic power. Why Self-Acceptance? And it's one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a woman’s solid sense of self, her serenity and true power, as well as being the key to all happy relationships.

Without self-acceptance there is no true freedom.

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Open House, Open Heart

November 06, 2013

“Upon entry I feel peace and acceptance! Congratulations on your beautiful new location.”

– A “Love Note” from the Heartmanity Open House

Years before I started seeing her myself, many friends had recommended Jennifer Williams, explaining that she exuded an extraordinary amount of peace and acceptance to help you navigate your feelings and emotions in a down-to-earth manner. When I look back at the journey I’ve had with her, it seems like a winding road that has led towards a better life.

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The Power of Letting Go Retreat

October 02, 2013

Letting go can be a little uncomfortable or it can be painful and arduous. You can be saying goodbye to that extra 25 pounds, an outgrown friendship, or moving to a new home. You could have just sent your preschooler to 1st grade or your teen off to college… Or letting go can be much, much tougher, like grieving the loss of someone dear to you.

How would your life be different if you could have regular support, connection and inspiration that you could count on several times a year?

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Grand Opening Celebration!

September 26, 2013

Please join us for the Heartmanity Center's grand opening celebration!

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Heartmanity Has a New Home!

August 21, 2013

Heartmanity has a new home! I’m so excited to share with you that I found a fantastic office space in downtown Bozeman, with giant windows and a large room for conducting group programs and classes. This new center will allow me to serve more people, start new programs that have been in the wings for several years, and support the community in a much bigger way.

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HeartPrints: Understanding Your Child's Temperament

June 03, 2013

Do you experience power struggles or moments of exasperation with your child? Have you received some parenting support but still haven't achieved the harmony in your family that you had hoped for? Is your child difficult to handle? Perhaps they have high, intense energy or can't be motivated, erupt unexpectedly and cannot be comforted or burst into tears over seemingly nothing?

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Learn How to Make Your Relationship Sweet!

May 08, 2013

You really can have a love life as sweet as you want it to be! But sweetness—whether in chocolate or a relationship—requires certain ingredients for success. Learn more how to create ease in your relationship.

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Women on Wisdom Mini-Retreat

March 25, 2013

Women’s Mini-Retreat

At the beautiful Triple Tree Ranch in Bozeman, Montana

  • Do you struggle to find balance between love, family, work and friends?
  • Ÿ Do you yearn for time to nurture meaningful relationships with like-minded people?
  • Ÿ Do you find inspiration from the hopes and dreams of others? And would you like to know what they are doing to fulfill them?

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