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An Open House and Open Heart: Heartmanity Expands to Help More People

“Upon entry I feel peace and acceptance! Congratulations on your beautiful new location.” —A “Love Note” left at the Heartmanity Center Grand Opening

Heartmanity opened its nearly 1,900 square feet center in the autumn of 2013 with a celebratory Open House. It was a remarkable event and a wonderful gathering of growth-minded people.

Quick read!

Heartmanity's welcome sign at the entrance of the Heartmanity Center.Years before I started seeing her myself, many friends had recommended Jennifer Williams, explaining that she exuded an extraordinary amount of peace and acceptance to help you navigate your feelings and emotions in a down-to-earth, practical manner. When I look back at the journey I’ve had with her, it seems like a winding road that has led toward a much happier life and a freer self.

Heartmanity Opens Its Center and Expands the Mission

Over the years, I’ve approached Jennifer with some serious issues—like how to keep my marriage strong and how to be a conscious parent and not get burnt out with my kids—along with some minor ones, like how to mentally handle 18,000 loads of laundry per week. We’ve pretty much covered all topics, and she’s pretty much seen all sides of me (and they’re not all pretty). And every time we've met, she’s had an open heart and an open mind.

Not to be cliché, but that’s what came to mind when I walked into Heartmanity’s Open House, the Grand Opening of their new center in the Snowload Building on 8th and Main. Looking around, I saw warm, familiar faces (and delicious food being passed around), and I kept feeling that this new center is a true reflection of Jennifer’s wisdom, love, and guidance. The bright colors and décor that welcome you also radiate happiness. And the different spaces are perfectly put together for the variety of offerings Heartmanity features.

Return to serenity in Heartmanity's private coaching room.The private session room, with eggshell blue walls and comfortable seating, is an intimate space that feels private, safe, and protected. (And that’s exactly how you want to feel when you’re opening up to someone.) And the big, open room is ideal for workshops, from Redirecting Children’s Behavior to Women on Wisdom (WOW), to Lead from Within leadership training, to an emotional intelligence class, Return to Serenity online course.

When I first met with Jennifer, she was seeing clients in their homes or offices... until she was in such demand that it was no longer practical. However, it spoke to how Jennifer always meets people where they're at; building comfort and safety into everything she says and does.

Heart on the window_compressedBut there’s something special about meeting with her in a designated spot that's inviting and prepared just for you!—one that’s full of her positive energy. And judging by the multitude of love notes that were left at Heartmanity's Open House, and the new Heartmanity Center, clearly I’m not alone.

Here are just a few of the beautiful things people said:

Testimonials and Love Notes to Jennifer, Founder of Heartmanity

“It is with immense pride that we watch you make your dreams come true. We couldn’t be more grateful for the role you've played in our success.”

“It’s such a beautiful, loving, nurturing space, just like you Jennifer! Beautifully done.”

“Thank you for all you do!”

“Congrats on your new office. I only hear amazing things about the work you do here. Blessings!”

"Congrats to soaring with Heartmanity!"

"In just one simple phrase, you changed my life forever! Your insight and profound ability to gently nudge us to our finer self is remarkable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

I’m truly looking forward to a session or workshop at this beautiful center that eludes transformation and beauty. Cheers to the Heartmanity mission: Transforming lives IS our business!

If you'd like personalized support whether you're a couple seeking to resolve conflict or a parent wanting greater skills, or a business desirous of transforming the workplace culture, we are here for YOU!

Reach out to support@heartmanity.com.

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Guest Blogger: Karen MitchellGuest Blogger: Karen Mitchell
Karen Mitchell is a mom, wife, friend, and in general, a lover of life in Bozeman, Montana.

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