Healthy Couples—How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy

August 06, 2020

If you asked a hundred persons about their goals in life, at least half of them would mention their desire to be in a healthy relationship. And right at the front of this relationship train exists a loving, trustworthy spouse. So how do you create a healthy relationship? Read on to find out.

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How Wedding Anniversary Symbols Support and Strengthen a Marriage

July 21, 2020

Anniversaries are opportunities to reflect on where you have come from, understand where you are, and get clear on where you are going. They are also a wonderful time to adjust the compass and chart a new course together or just revel in your journey thus far.

As my husband and I are approaching our second wedding anniversary, I have spent some time reflecting on our first two years. We have grown and strengthened our bond and communication as well as conquered new challenges together. In my reflection, I wondered, "How can I celebrate this milestone in a way that truly honors myself, my [...]

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If You Want a Successful Marriage, Increase Self-Mastery

July 03, 2020

What determines a successful marriage? Many people want to have healthy relationships yet struggle to know how. Why can most couples quickly tell when their partner is upset with them, but not know how to create the understanding and honesty necessary to resolve conflict? This ability is one crucial factor that builds successful and long-term marriages, so how is it that it's commonly lacking? On the contrary, couples can identify their partner's exact looks, facial expressions, body language, and the myriad ways that they are upset.

In these relationship conflicts, a love seat is not a love [...]

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Why Knowing Your Partner's Love Language Can Strengthen Your Bond

May 29, 2020

A key to healthy relationships is understanding how best to express your love to your partner—loving in a way that resonates with them and fulfills their needs. Dr. Gary Chapman devised a meaningful method to communicate with your partner and show your affection based on their innate preferences. Dubbed the Love Languages, this approach relies on the theory that every individual has a predisposition to and identifies more heavily with one of five ways to spread and receive love.

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Three Major Roadblocks in Relationships

May 12, 2020

There are little speed bumps in relationships, and there are major roadblocks. Most relationships survive speed bumps, but when couples make major missteps regularly, continue to hurt one another, or create roadblocks to love and loving, things start going downhill—sometimes gradually, and sometimes unexpectedly with an affair. Wouldn't you like to replace these unloving behaviors and roadblocks with loving habits to build a healthy relationship instead? Looking for advice about love?

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How to Unravel Knots & Tangles in a Relationship

February 18, 2020

A relationship is sometimes like a tangled necklace; we have difficulty understanding our partner or their perspective. Although in marriage, we commit to one another for better or for worse, we don't always know how to unravel the tangles we find ourselves in or the conflicts that confront us. Conflict resolution is uncomfortable and we can be all tied up in knots inside and unable to build a bridge between us.

This morning when reaching for a necklace, I found it tangled in my suitcase from a recent trip. Even though I didn't have time to untangle it, I began unraveling the necklace as if [...]

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Keys to Healthy Love and a Happy Relationship

February 10, 2020

Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to revel in our love for one another. The day set aside and the celebration itself can rekindle the fires of loving our partner. Although, wonder if we could keep our loving attentiveness going every day?

You owe it to yourself to flex the muscles required to create lasting happiness. Strengthening your relationship by applying love's keys is just as important as planning your wedding. Your honeymoon doesn’t have to last only for a season!

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Cool and Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

January 28, 2020

Are you ready to buy the perfect gift for your special person, but unsure where to start? When it comes to Valentine’s Day, “getting it right” is a must.

Are you tired of the typical and expected flowers and chocolate? If so, it’s time to get creative. Use the information here to find the perfect gift for your special person.

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3 Things You Should Never Do in Love and Marriage

December 19, 2019

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your partner, and after you cooled down, you can’t even remember how it started?

Everyone has a unique perspective, so we’re bound to disagree sometimes. However, if disagreements become fights that harm the relationship, our remarks made while upset can fuel future hurt. When it comes to love and marriage, there are a few sacred rules of engagement. If you honor these, you’re halfway to a great relationship. If not, breaking these guidelines will divide you, rewound your partner, and diminish your love.

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Relationship Tips: How to Handle Differences for a Successful Relationship

November 21, 2019

In a Wall Street Journal article, columnist Elizabeth Bernstein writes about the challenge of marriage between an ardent planner and a partner who prefers to be spontaneous. Perhaps you’ve known people in a marriage like that—or maybe you’re one of them! In my work with couples, I have heard many a planner call their spouse passive-aggressive or the spontaneous one refer to their spouse as a control freak.

Opposites attract. Unfortunately, after the proverbial honeymoon is over, we can begin to indulge a human tendency to judge our spouse for not operating the way we do. The truth is that [...]

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