How to Create a Digital Vision Board

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so many of us have been longing to go back to normal. However, what would be more helpful is examining which parts of “normal” are worth going back to.

Now is the perfect time to examine what parts of our lives are no longer serving us—and create a reality that supports our goals, visions, and dreams.

Use digital vision boards to manifest your dreamsDespite what you may think, there’s no need to put your dreams on hold due to the pandemic. While social distancing or working virtually at home, it’s an ideal time to dream about the future. Why not turn those dreams into action by creating a digital vision board?

Visualization is a powerful tool that allows us to vividly imagine our future life and success, using the power of the brain to manifest dreams into reality. By putting your goals into a tangible format, you bring yourself one step closer to creating a life you love.

The Power of Visualization

Did you know that visualizing yourself working out can actually help you build muscle? The brain is incredibly powerful, especially when it comes to harnessing your potential to make your dreams come true. Studies of the brain have found that the areas stimulated by visualizing ourselves playing music are the same as those activated by actually performing and playing music.

Like meditation, visualization allows you to focus your attention inward, bringing greater attention and awareness to your goals. You might think that visualization is the opposite of working to achieve our goals; however, visualizing can be a potent motivator, providing us with active reminders to pursue our goals. Vision boards are a great way to make your visualizations more tangible and concrete.

According to research, vision boards improve the odds of achieving our goals and increase our confidence that we will be able to accomplish them. Vision boards work by creating a multi-sensory experience that allows us to immerse ourselves in our dreams as if they’ve already come true and we are living them. In other words, vision boards accelerate our ability to turn dreams into reality.

Another reason vision boards promote action is because they do what psychologists call “priming the brain.” By providing the brain with a framework, your brain is better able to anticipate and seize opportunities that align with your desires.

Tara Swart, a neuroscientist, explains another way vision boards jumpstart action:

“…the brain has a process called ‘value-tagging,’ which imprints important things onto your subconscious and filters out unnecessary information. The brain assigns a higher ‘value’ to images than written words on a to-do list, and the more you look at those images, the more those images move up in importance. And if you look at it right before you fall asleep every night, the images will be imprinted even further.”

Making an online vision board puts puzzle pieces togetherCreating a life we love requires us to do more than piece together a puzzle; it requires us to take action. Therefore, a better description of a vision board might be a Vision Board for Action. The process of creating a vision board helps clarify your high-priority goals while unearthing practical actions to move closer to what’s most important to you. Visualizing what you want sets the stage for you to take illumined action to create a life you love.

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How to Create a Digital Vision Board

You might think a vision board is just a collage of magazine cut-outs and scribbled quotes on sticky notes, but there’s no reason why your vision board can’t step into the 21st century! A digital vision board provides a convenient portable format that encourages the likelihood you will see it often, allowing you to visualize your future self with greater ease.

To create a digital vision board of your own, follow these five simple steps to harness your creativity and empower yourself to fulfill your dreams.

Step 1: Choose Your Medium

Online vision boards are versatile. You can create your vision board online free using a Pinterest board full of images that spark your inspiration or a screensaver of rotating pictures on your desktop. A paid option is a video using software like Mind Movie.

Step 2: Gather Inspiration

Close your eyes and visualize your goals. What do you see, feel, and experience? Use what pops into your head to fuel your search for inspiration. Collect photos and words that call to mind the life you desire.

Organize your ideas for your vision boardStep 3: Organize Your Ideas

Whether you put files in alphabetical order or create an Instagram collage, find a way to combine your inspiration into one digital vision board that pulls all the puzzle pieces of your dream life together. Be creative! And don’t be timid to use your tech-savvy! 

Here's a tip: Silence the inner critic. When designing a vision board, don’t be afraid to dream big. There is no need to censor yourself or cloud your clarity with negative self-talk, such as “That will never happen.” Suspend limitation. Dare to dream. You can make practical plans later. For now, stretch to reach for the highest vision of your life.

Step 4: Put the Vision Board Where You Can See It

After gathering and arranging your materials in a way that pleases you, it’s crucial to make your vision board, well, visible. Place your vision board in your office or home, where you will see it frequently. By looking at it daily, you’re supporting your conscious mind to calculate ways to achieve your goals; then, you’ll be more likely to take effective action. The visuals also imprint the subconscious mind with the ingredients of your dream, helping to facilitate manifestation.

Step 5: Visualize Your New Life

Take a few minutes right before bed and focus on your new life. When visualizing, see yourself going through the steps of completing all the milestones to get there. Imagine yourself accomplishing the goal. Then, in a spirit of gratitude and joy, see yourself in the life you imagine. The more vividly you picture your dream with elevated emotions, the quicker you’ll turn dreams into reality. Revel in the vision as you drift off to sleep.

Ready to Dream Big?

Creating a digital vision board is a powerful way to assist you in turning your visions into reality. If you’re ready to act and dare to dream, try Mind Movies’ digital vision boarding tool. Mind Movies let you create a “movie” of your dream life, allowing you to watch your goals unfold before your very eyes with sounds and words that inspire you. And it can easily be updated as you reach your goals.


What you desire IS possible!

If you’d like a mentor who has studied the brain for over a decade and utilized these methods successfully and repeatedly in her life and business, reach out today. Heartmanity’s team loves helping people become the best versions of themselves and fulfill their dreams. Transforming lives is our business!

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