Intentionality: Choose Intention, Not Tension

With all the daily ups and downs and the moment-by-moment challenges that arise in our lives, it's easy to forget that we have a say in how we feel. We have the ability to choose our response no matter what happens (and things do happen). It's called being intentional and when setting intentions, we bring more joy into our life. We can begin to create the quality of our experience mindfully, even when it doesn’t feel like we have any choice. This is why mindfulness is so powerful.

How do we do this? By being mindful of our reactions and self-talk. At any moment, we can pause and press our reset button, shifting tension to a conscious intention. Perhaps our intention is to remain calm even when things go wrong. These mini decisions determine the quality of our lives and whether or not we live in the present moment. When our experience in life is not by happenstance, it becomes intentional. We are no longer victims of circumstance; we begin to change the way we interact with life and enter a better flow.

Press your reset button to change your mindset

Wherever You Place Your Attention, Your Energy Goes

Let me give you an example. A while back I was returning home from a business conference in San Diego. I left at 5 a.m. to catch my flight. A phrase used in one of the presentations: “Intention, not tension” was still lingering in my mind. After checking in at the San Diego airport and passing through security, I dragged my computer case and carry-on suitcase (ugh! the handle had just broken—so no wheels!) down the long terminal to the gate. Stopping on the way, I grabbed a coffee, finagling my bags while carefully balancing the hot drink. I made it to the gate and spotted an open seat. Ah, what a relief! I set my carry-on bag down—whereupon my computer bag slipped off my shoulder, jerked my hand, and flung my coveted macchiato off into midair—one of those slow-motion moments.


My tasty coffee crashed instantly onto the floor and splattered everywhere. (Ever wonder why airports have such dull carpet? Now I know. My coffee instantly disappeared into the gray-brown carpet, leaving absolutely no stain whatsoever!) In the background the loudspeaker was saying: “Do not leave your luggage unattended at any time…” NO WAY was I going to hike the mile back to Starbucks with those bags for any kind of fix!

“Intention, not tension. Intention, not tension.” I knew that what I said to myself in that moment could impact my entire day for better or for worse. So I chose to be grateful that there wasn’t a need for major cleanup, I hadn’t splattered anyone’s expensive suit, and I had just filled up my water bottle. I consciously turned my attention to thoughts of gratitude and for the recent opportunity to meet so many great people.

Our attention determines where our thoughts, emotions and energy will go.

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Choose to Be Intentional

One of the things I teach at my events and to my clients is about the power of intentionality. Why? Because clear intention is vital to creating a beautiful relationship, a happy family, a meaningful life, and fulfilling career. When we have a clear intention we are much more unlikely to engage in self-sabotage. What I like about the phrase “Intention, not tension” is that it’s so simple but such a wonderful reminder to stop, take a breath, and remember what’s truly important. Think of someone you love with appreciation, and a little incident like a spilled macchiato will disappear as quickly as my coffee in the gray-brown carpet.

Take time to reset and set an intentionSo the next time you hit a little bump in the road, say to yourself, “Intention, not tension.” Imagine you're an actor in your own movie. Use a clapperboard to "take two," regroup, shifting your attention to what you want and how you would like to feel!

How do you want to respond? Will your response reflect your deepest values?

Will you allow those annoying occurrences to steal your peace and joy, or will you take them as speed bumps to slow you down and remind you to appreciate life more and savor its gifts?

I may not have had a warm macchiato to sip on that morning, but I did have my joy and ease intact, and I looked forward to returning home to the ones I love.

How can you apply this key to your life in a positive way? If we don’t apply what we learn, nothing changes. If we take small steps toward change, life becomes sweeter. When we practice small, effective keys over and over, our habits support our goals and dreams instead of taking us off track.

“Intention, not tension.”

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Jennifer A. Williams / Emotional Intelligence CoachJennifer A. Williams / Emotional Intelligence Coach
Jennifer’s passion is to help people create thriving relationships first with themselves and then with each other. She teaches emotional intelligence skills and a step-by-step process that removes the obstacles to growth, loving connection, and communication. Her popular One Year Makeover and Return to Serenity programs provide a personalized approach to transformation. Her understanding of brain science strategically reshapes a person’s pain into power while restoring inner peace and well-being through a fun and remarkable learning experience. She also works with companies helping to promote organizational transformation of culture, leadership, and relationships. Jennifer is happily married to her beloved husband of 40 years and is the mother of three grown children.

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