Honoring the Inner Teacher

As a culture, our children are being trained to look outside themselves for answers, excitement, entertainment, and happiness. They are being raised in a society that over-stimulates their senses with 3D movies, gaming, and technology, which can make normalization at home or within the classroom more difficult.

In this presentation on teaching children how to listen to their inner teacher, you’ll learn why it’s critical for parents and teachers to honor the guide of every child. We’ll This vital principle of Maria Montessori is crucial in preparing our children for the many challenges they will face. Learn how to weave keys to positive parenting by learning from the best of Montessori.

Child with baby goat guided by her inner teacher

Teaching a child to listen to their inner teacher will:

  • Increase harmony in your home
  • Nurture children’s love of order
  • Keep your home neater
  • Better meet the needs of your children’s development
  • Prepare the environment to satisfy children’s exploration
  • Discipline in a way that builds healthy self-esteem
  • Engage your child effectively while growing their brains and self-esteem!

Let’s recommit to help children listen to their inner guidance system amidst the noise and stresses of today’s face-paced, complex lifestyle and culture. This webinar will inspire you with ah ha’s from beginning to end.

Parenting Tips:

  • observe with curiosity and without judgment
  • provide simple exercises to help children listen from within
  • build conscious parenting skills to better guide your children
  • seek to deepen the connection of intuition in yourself and your children
  • learn about brain-based actions to enhance children’s emotional and social development.

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For a deep dive, check out "Honoring the Inner Teacher" webinar on the Age of Montessori website.

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Jennifer A. Williams / Emotional Intelligence CoachJennifer A. Williams / Emotional Intelligence Coach
Jennifer’s passion is to help people create thriving relationships first with themselves and then with each other. She teaches emotional intelligence skills and a step-by-step process that removes the obstacles to growth, loving connection, and communication. Her popular One Year Makeover and Return to Serenity programs provide a personalized approach to transformation. By utilizing brain science, clients integrate unresolved pain and restore inner peace and well-being through a fun learning experience. Jennifer also creates cultural transformation in companies with leaders and teams. Jennifer is happily married to her beloved husband and is the mother of three grown children.

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