Guest Blogger: Eula Skiles

Guest Blogger: Eula Skiles

Eula Skiles is a psychology and health writer. She regularly takes part in psychology and mental health events, studies new trends, and contribute articles to online magazines and blogs. She currently works at Case Study Writing Service.

Recent Posts:

5 Ways You Can Better Cope with Grief While Working

February 10, 2022

Avoiding grief and loss is impossible in our personal and professional lives. Loss can come at the most inconvenient times, especially when you have work commitments. While most people can take a short time off work and other responsibilities while grieving, it certainly isn’t adequate. Coping sufficiently with tragic life events can take months—even years. Therefore, there is often limited reprieve from life’s responsibilities and a need to resume your job even though you may not feel ready.

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Posted in Business and Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

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