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How to Cultivate Healthy Collaboration and Team

December 13, 2017

Nothing is more exciting and empowering than working on a project or playing on a dynamic team—until it’s not. An energetic brainstorming can go completely awry by a subtle putdown. A co-worker makes a critical comment about a blog posted on the company newsletter. Someone makes a disparaging remark about another person's work. Most everyone has experienced something like this, right?

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"Look What You Made Me Do!" How to Escape the Blame Game and Live with Integrity

October 21, 2017

“Look what you made me do.”

Even if you haven’t said those words, you probably know the feeling. Your friend startles you and you drop something fragile. Your co-worker procrastinates and you miss a deadline. Your spouse does something infuriating and you get frustrated or angry.

I recently found myself in a situation that I hope never to repeat; the kind that makes your stomach turn and the spot between your lungs feel tight. After moving to a new city and starting a new job, I dove headfirst into my role; I volunteered for more responsibility, took on projects, got handed extra work and [...]

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Do People Pleasers Make the Best Employees?

August 29, 2017

A couple of years ago, I lectured to a group of business owners on employee engagement. A gentleman gave lavish praise for one employee in particular. In the same breath, he also lamented how difficult it would be to find a replacement to fill her shoes. The business owner had many reasons for his fondness: "She stayed late whenever asked to get projects done and with amazing accuracy." "She always volunteered to go the extra mile!" "She was super productive!" "She was the first to come to work and the last to leave." "And the best part, she was very popular in the office because she went [...]

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How to Make Employee Evaluations More Effective and Meaningful

July 06, 2017

Evaluating employees is a workplace standard that has been used for decades. At this point, it’s routine. Business is changing, though—just look at the prevalence of startups, unconventional office spaces, even workplace yoga.

Mindfulness is one of the fastest-growing interests in the business sphere. Now it is changing employee evaluations and feedback, too. When that inevitable, and admittedly awkward, time of year comes around for discussing employees' effectiveness with them, mindfulness is creating a new outlook for workers and managers alike.

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The History of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

June 25, 2017

Emotional Intelligence seems like a theory on the brink of stardom. Over the past two and a half decades, the social theory has become one of the biggest buzzwords in fields like psychology, children’s education and business. From McDonald’s to the Dalai Lama and Harvard Business Review, organizations across the political and economic spectrum are diving into Emotional Intelligence (aka Emotional Intelligence Quotient; EQ for short). 

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5 Proven Keys to Success

May 30, 2017

Success. Most people desire success; few would say they’ve achieved it.

First of all, to have success in any area of life, we need to define what success means to us. If we have only a vague idea of what it means to us, how can we ever hope to arrive at that lofty place? We will never be able to measure how far or how close we are to success if we have not clearly and specifically defined it.

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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

May 22, 2017

"Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool critical for exceeding goals, improving critical work relationships, and creating a healthy, productive workplace and organizational culture." says Brent Gleeson in his article, "5 Aspects of Emotional Intelligence Required for Effective Leadership.

The very essence of leadership is to lead oneself effectively, which then influences others in a positive and inspiring way. Without the ability to modulate our emotions and understand what we want to achieve at any given moment, it's hard to lead competently.

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Creativity: The Secret Ingredient for Company Success

May 04, 2017

The benefits of creativity are easy to identify but difficult to harness. We all want to feel engaged in our work, inspired to innovate and grow, and satisfied with our jobs. Tapping into creativity can give you and your company those things and more. But the trick to creativity is that—like the best secret ingredients—it is hidden in plain sight.  

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Honoring Individual Work Styles for Business Success

April 13, 2017

Remember how EQ is the new IQ? It is becoming increasingly more acceptable to think, and thrive, outside the box. Gone are the days where productivity was ranked only by earnings spreadsheets or boxes checked...or at least those days are becoming fewer and further between.

Objective measures of success are important for businesses, but honoring the diverse and unique work styles of workers often means looking beyond the usual standards. In most cases, allowing individuals’ unique business talents to thrive actually creates more success for everyone in the end.

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Successful Time Management for Mom Entrepreneurs

March 25, 2017

In the past fifty years, mothers’ working hours have shifted dramatically. While in 1965, mothers spent twice as much time doing housework as childcare and career work combined, by 2010 career work became the most time-intensive task. (Fathers’ time use, on the other hand, has changed little.)

Imagine a three-way tug-of-war with the mother in the middle and three different ropes pulling her in three different directions. Balancing work, home, and family becomes an intricate juggling act.

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