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Need Some Space? Tips to Create Self-Care Spaces in Your Home

Some people, when designing their home, choose furniture and accessories by asking themselves questions in this order: 1) Is it beautiful?  2) Is it comfortable?  3) Would it help me create a space to improve the quality of my life?

While these questions are all reasonable, we suggest that you ask them in the opposite order. Instead of being caught up in creating a designer home that could grace the cover of Architectural Digest, why not take some time to analyze what type of space you need to live the best life possible?

Sitting by a cozy fire taking a self-care momentThink about creating functional, comfortable, and beautiful self-care spaces in your home to help you achieve physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Also, think about creating a family-friendly spot, which will help you develop those crucial connections with your kids and spouse.

Self-Care  Spaces  to Boost Your  Physical Well-Being

Many people hide their exercise equipment away in a remote corner of a house that is rarely visited. If you are serious about improving your physical well-being, think about where to place your equipment so that when you are using it, you aren’t looking at basement rafters or a cement block wall.

If you can’t bear seeing your treadmill in the sunniest, happiest room of your home, look for ideas on how to mask it, perhaps with privacy screens.

The goal is to create a spot in your house that will encourage a healthier lifestyle. Your treadmill will be less likely to become covered with dust if it is in an inviting location within your home.

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Creating beauty in your home to feed your soul

Self-Care Spaces to Improve Your Spiritual Well-Being

Do you have a quiet space in your home for prayer, reflection, or meditation? Whatever you call your “quiet time”—it is an essential part of your spiritual well-being. Depending on the number of people in your household, this self-care space may be best utilized early in the morning or late at night.

Perhaps this space is outdoors, on your deck or verandah. Maybe it is in a sunroom or a spot full of flowers and plants. You may also find that the best place for meditation is at your kitchen table with your favorite mug full of hot coffee.

A functional self-care space would be quiet and free of electronic distractions. Perhaps it’s best to be out of sight of an area that causes you stress, such as your laundry room or your always-messy closet.

Subdued lighting, relaxing views, or signs with positive aphorisms would be great additions to your spiritual self-care space.

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Self-Care to Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being

What do you like to do? Do you have a space dedicated to this activity? Creating these happy, functional spots in your home to do your favorite activity is an essential part of self-care.

We are more likely to partake in hobbies if we have spaces in our homes set aside for them. Quilters who continuously have to pack away their materials at the end of each session are often less likely to complete their projects. This lack of completion is also true for those who like to complete woodworking projects.

Woman painting to enhance her emotional well being

Whether you find yourself drawn to model trains, painting, flower arranging, woodworking, or macrame, create a niche in your home where all the materials are organized and ready to use. Do your interests change periodically? If space is available, develop several spots for your favorite activities or organize to make room for them all!

Remember, your home will be complete with spaces that are functional, comfortable, and beautiful.

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Self-Care Spaces to  Improve Your Family Life

One of the most critical self-care spaces you can create, especially if you have young children, is a place for your family to be together comfortably. Your kids need a space to plop, relax, and hang.

Family having fun on a couch

If you are looking for the perfect piece of furniture that will hold you, your partner, your 2.6 kids, and your labradoodle, consider getting a sectional. Relax on a sectional as you watch movies, play games, and connect over a long day of work and school.

A high-quality sectional should be comfortable but ruggedly made so that it can withstand the movement and energy of everyone in your home.

Self-Care Spaces Are Essential—No Matter the Size of Your Home

Woman reading in a self-care nookWe know that not everyone has extra rooms in their homes that they can dedicate to self-care activities. No matter the size of your home, consider creating self-care niches. Use a corner of your bathroom to create a makeup station, where all your tools can be close at hand. Create a reading nook in a comfortable spot if you don’t have space for a library. Dedicate a corner of your living space free of furniture and distractions that you can use as your yoga corner.

You may have to get creative with your space, but your self-care is worth it!

If you need help clarifying your needs, developing a self-care routine, or making steps towards change in your life, Heartmanity is here to help! Transforming lives is our business! Take a step toward improving healthy habits through our coaching programs.

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Guest Blogger: Kristina MarshallGuest Blogger: Kristina Marshall
Kristina Marshall is a stay-at-home blogger. After having kids, she began sharing some tips and tricks with people around her community. Now, she writes full articles on lifestyle, family, and home design to help people all over the internet.

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