Guest Blogger: Raj Jana

Guest Blogger: Raj Jana
Raj Jana is the founder of JavaPresse, a specialty eCommerce business. He founded his business around the concept of gratitude and mindfulness, and he enjoys writing about his experiences to show others how these ideas do not need to be separate from the ways we make our living.

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Making Mindfulness Practical in Business

June 05, 2018

The concept and practice of mindfulness is becoming all the rage. Our fast-paced, high-tech lives have left many of us too stressed out to be happy. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find meaning and purpose in what we do, something becoming increasingly important for future generations. Mindfulness at work is a recipe for productivity and can enhance a sense of purpose.

Mindfulness can be summed up as “present moment awareness.” It’s the practice of being in the “here and now.” Most people practice mindfulness with meditation or another mindful sitting so that they can [...]

Posted in Business and Leadership, Brain Fitness, Mindfulness and Perspective

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