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Guest Blogger: Ellie Lott

Guest Blogger: Ellie Lott

Ellie Lott is a writer and personal finance blogger living in Davis, California. She is passionate about millennial financial planning and uses her website to help educate this generation to make smart decisions with their money.

Recent Posts:

3 Ways to Build Resiliency: Rebound from a Job Loss or Career Change

March 17, 2022

Any job change can be distressing, whether you're laid off, fired, or switching your career. Still, losing your job can hit much harder than a career change. When you get fired or laid off, your profession, income, and self-esteem can all take a blow! It can feel like you're starting over.

Do you know how to rebound? Are you thinking of it as an opportunity to carve a life and career you love? Sometimes, when there are unexpected changes, we may need the change but not realize it!

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes 

Posted in Business and Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trumps IQ in Leadership and Business

March 10, 2022

As you know, IQ is short for intelligence quotient. It measures a person's capacity for reasoning and problem-solving; it shows how well a person can use logic and information. An IQ test measures short-term and long-term memory by providing a series of puzzles to solve.

But what about emotional intelligence (EQ)? How does EQ rank?

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes 

Posted in Business and Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

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