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Mindfulness: How to Have Mindful Mornings that Can Change Your Day

It’s often said that mornings are the most important part of every day—and it’s true. After all, mornings lay the groundwork for each day, setting the tone, building the foundations, and ushering in new challenges.

The trick is to enjoy peaceful mornings that encourage a focused, mindful day. But how do you go about having a mindful morning?

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Clean white page to write on with cup of coffee on the side.The answer is simple.

Create a mindful morning routine that you can embrace and enjoy daily. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make every morning an intentionally good one.

Mindful Mornings: Rituals to  Build Healthy Habits

Begin with Journaling

The perfect way to start each day is by checking in with yourself. How are you feeling? What emotions have you woken up with? What are your intentions and goals for the day? These thoughts don’t need to be stuck rattling around inside your head. Grab your laptop, or even better yet, grab a pen and paper, and get it all out. If you don’t feel like writing about emotions and goals, you can just as well write down a few things that you’re grateful for.

Daily journaling can be incredibly gratifying, giving yourself not only a chance to clear your head but also a chance to enjoy some peaceful alone time.

A young woman in overhauls standing in a field mindfully. with a cup of coffee.Take a Minute for Meditation

Journaling itself is a form of mindfulness, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to enjoy a meditation practice.

What meditation actually is has become a little fuzzy over the years, with many of us conjuring up images of wise old men on mountaintops. The truth is that meditation is simply the act of sitting, focusing on breathing, and allowing thoughts to pass through your mind. The point of the practice isn’t about controlling thoughts; they’re all welcome. It’s about letting the thoughts flow through without taking up any permanent roots.

A 5-10 minute morning meditation is essential. It allows you to be present in the moment, encourages checking in with what’s rattling around in your head, and sets the stage for a peaceful day.

Get Up Early Enough to Exercise

Mindfulness isn’t just about your mental state; it’s about your physical being too. It’s also a form of self-care. Exercising ticks all these boxes as it’s good for your body, mind, and soul.

You don’t have to embark on an hour-long exercise routine in the morning to feel the benefits. Just 15-20 minutes of daily exercise is plenty, especially if you find an activity you enjoy.

Many mindful people enjoy yoga. But as popular as yoga is, it isn’t compulsory. Running and cycling are great forms of exercise, too, though they may take a bit more time and preparation. Whichever exercise you decide on, keep in mind that the idea isn’t to exhaust yourself; it’s to get your body moving and energized.Athletic man exercising near the grey wall in the morning.

Open Your Ears

While you’re exercising, why not listen to something you find stimulating? What you listen to is up to you. It may be a carefully handpicked playlist, or perhaps an audiobook or podcast.

The combined stimulation of body and mind is powerful, charging both muscles and mind for the stretch ahead. It’s a shot of energy that sets the stage for a grounded, productive day.

As a side note, many people tend to listen to the news as part of their morning routine. This habit isn’t necessarily a good idea, as negative news has the potential to trigger certain types of anxiety and cause emotional upset. Uplifting music or an informative podcast on a topic you enjoy is a far uplifting option. The news can wait!

A Healthy Breakfast

With journaling, meditation, and exercise all done, it’s time to eat a mindful breakfast. Of course, tackling the day with a sugar-bloated stomach isn't a good idea. Instead, a light breakfast of healthy, light foods is best.

Oats and fruit are perfect, providing plenty of energy without the burden of processed sugars. Fully enjoy your meal, taste and savor each flavor, and even appreciate the scents. This practice not only helps form a healthy relationship with food, but it also gives you more appreciation of the good things you're doing for your body and mind.

Ready for the Day

After your mindful morning routine, every day should seem a bit more manageable. Your body and mind benefit greatly from grounded sets of activities and allow you to welcome every new day from a place of peace.

Make mindfulness part of your mornings, and you’ll soon notice the change in your day—and others will probably notice the change in you, too.

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Guest Blogger: Steph DavidsonGuest Blogger: Steph Davidson
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