Guest Blogger: Nadine Westwood

Guest Blogger: Nadine Westwood

Nadine is a registered dietitian, travel blogger, and fitness lover. In her spare time, she writes and helps save stray animals. She lives a nomadic lifestyle overseas, traveling and helping others increase their energy through a healthy diet and support.

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Creative, Kid-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

December 14, 2022

Kids love to contribute to the holiday decorating process, and it’s even more fun and meaningful if their involvement is about creating, not just hanging store-bought ornaments throughout your living spaces.

There are lots of engaging projects to try with your children during the festive season, so why not plan a crafting session with a few of the following ideas so that this Christmas is extra-special?

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Posted in Perfectly Imperfect Parenting, Emotional Intelligence & Fitness

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