Guest blogger: Mona Freund

Guest blogger: Mona Freund
Mona Freund grew up in Germany, spent some time on the East Coast and has now found her home in sunny San Diego. When she's not creating content, she's on her mat doing 'Yoga with Adriene', in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies, or on the balcony talking to her tomato plant 'Hank' to help him grow faster.

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Infuse Your Morning Routine with These Uplifting Habits

April 14, 2020

When life is full of uncertainty, what suffers most is your routine. With schools closed, sporting and social events canceled, and work now transferred to your home office; everything is topsy turvy. It's time to readjust and create new routines that support you during this unexpected cycle.

Routines can make us more efficient, reduce our stress level, and benefit our overall mental and physical health. With the coronavirus affecting people on a global scale, we've had to adapt to a new lifestyle that we didn’t see coming and definitely didn’t ask for. Whether you live by yourself [...]

Posted in Habits for Health, Emotional Intelligence