Guest blogger: Nicole Garrison

Guest blogger: Nicole Garrison
Nicole Garrison has always enjoyed investigating, researching, and writing. Initially expressing her interest in writing in high school, she worked as a full-time professional writer for Supreme Dissertations for a few years when she helped countless students with their lack of academic inspirations. That job in particular greatly helped Nicole in finding her true passion, which is helping others with her writing and an extraordinary ability to share personal experiences.

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Teens, Social Media, and Body Image: How to Support Your Teenage Girl

March 18, 2021

Human beings are quite fragile psychologically, partially since we live longer than most other animals and mammals that live on our planet. And one of the most sensitive periods in human lives is adolescence. In 2017, Karen Young, a contributor for Hey Sigmund website, provided statistics* showing that nearly 12.5 percent of teenagers suffer from a major depressive episode between ages 13 and 17.

In many cases, those episodes were contributed by body image and societal issues. So, to be a responsible parent, it’s imperative to help your teen manage their mental well-being, which requires [...]

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