Jennifer A. Williams / Arleen Atienza

Jennifer A. Williams / Arleen Atienza

Jennifer Williams, the Founder of Heartmanity teams up with Arleen Atienza in our latest article. Jennifer specializes in emotional intelligence and creating thriving relationships at home and at work. She has 25 years of experience as a behavioral consultant and company trainer. Arleen is a writer with an educational background in psychology. Her professional experience in the corporate world enables her to bring a fresh approach to a wide range of topics including finance, business, beauty, health and wellness, and law, to name a few.

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3 Things Your Mom Should Have Taught You About Self-Care and Healthy Boundaries

November 10, 2022

Growing up, children tend to emulate the behaviors and practices of those around them, especially their parents. That’s why you pick up certain mannerisms your mom has, how your father talks, or how your siblings do specific things.

Your youth is also the best time to learn and develop emotional intelligence that you carry with you into adulthood. Hopefully, your parents taught you these critical skills, but sometimes they can lack knowledge or skill in certain areas such as setting healthy boundaries or regular self-care. So by the time you’ve grown up, you may realize key tools are missing [...]

Posted in Emotional Intelligence & Fitness

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