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Guest Blogger: Kristin Handley

Guest Blogger: Kristin Handley

Kristin Handley is a writer by day and a life coach by night. She lives in New York City with her partner and their two sons. Her biggest dream is to publish a book.

Recent Posts:

Why Keeping Score in a Relationship Isn't Helpful or Healthy

“Relationships are about give-and-take.” You've probably heard this saying before; it's one of the most common relationship pieces of advice. But is it true? Well, that's a more complicated question requiring a longer answer. While it is true that relationships are about a natural flow between two people of giving and receiving, some people interpret this factor to mean that relationships should be fifty-fifty. And since that's rarely the reality, one person starts keeping score in an attempt to match up.

This article will dive deeper into this phenomenon and explain precisely why keeping [...]

Posted in Love, Marriage, and Relationships

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