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Guest Blogger: Katherine Rundell

Guest Blogger: Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell is an aspiring mental health writer at Buy Assignment and Write My Essay. She aims to educate families and parents on medical conditions as well as inspiring them to see life positively. Katherine is a special contributor to Essayroo.com service.

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Deep Breath: the Best Yoga Poses for Anxiety

With its unique combination of spiritual, athletic and breathing practices, yoga has now fully conquered the West. For many people, yoga offers a chance to stop and slow life down amid a hectic schedule. Yoga has definitely made it to the mainstream, with dozens of yoga studios to choose from. And it's not surprising due to its positive and profound impact on health and well-being.

We've compiled a list of the best yoga poses to combat anxiety. They are not a panacea but have been found to be helpful in countering worry and anxiousness.

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