Guest Blogger: Julianna Mitchell

Guest Blogger: Julianna Mitchell

Julianna is a writer, content creator, and Pittsburgh-native based in Los Angeles, CA. Along with her work for Heartmanity, you can find her words on Taylor Magazine and Her Campus Media. By day, she is a Content Writing Intern at Siege Media.

Recent Posts:

The Upsides of Gaming: 4 Benefits and Ways Gaming Promotes Community

August 26, 2021

When we think of the typical gamer, a few images come to mind. One of which is the idea of a loner spending most of their time glued to a computer or television screen. For years, gaming has been synonymous with a lonely lifestyle and has been a wary road for parents to navigate, especially when it comes to teaching your child how to socialize during the formative childhood years.

Posted in Communication & Interpersonal Skills

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