Yumtwist Rituals: Fun and Yum for Young and Old!

Heartmanity is proud to introduce you to a local restaurant Faye's and the owner Sarah Faye. Sarah is a dear colleague and friend, so we wanted to share her magnanimous spirit with you. She was our caterer at Heartmanity events in past years, and she never disappointed our participants! 

And if you ever visit Livingston, Montana, her quaint local diner is a must-stop.

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Get a Cookbook Full of Yum: Recipies for Creative Chefs

Her cookbook, Yumtwist is filled with delicious recipes, just like she serves at the diner. Sarah's love and passion for cooking were passed on to her from her grandmother, and she does an awesome job of honoring her family and their traditions within the diner and cookbook. But her love doesn't stop with food; her goal is to nourish the mind, body, and soul of her customers. Enjoy!

Here's an excerpt from the book:

Yumtwist - to entwine with another to inspire creativity; interlace ingredients, textures, flavors, and styles. To interweave color, and design into unique beauty. To add a yumtwist to something and create something new Meet Sarah Knecht of Faye's restaurantthat is different than the original. To challenge someone to be spontaneous, fun, and intelligent with a new perspective.

We’d love to hear what recipes and rituals bring your family together during the holidays! I know my husband has tried multiple recipes that have become our favorites.

How do you make your gatherings special? We’re looking for ideas we can pass on to parents to help build strong, and happy families.                           

Sarah has also opened a very successful cafe in Livingston, Montana, which even appeared in People magazine for its popularity.

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