How Emotional Resilience Can Help You Cultivate Happiness

November 01, 2018

For many, stress has a hair-trigger. Change and unexpected letdowns are met with emotional over-reactions, and minor criticisms can ruin entire days. The antidote to this turmoil is emotional resilience, an element of emotional intelligence that allows one to adapt to and recover from stress and negativity. The good news is that you can actively improve your emotional resilience and noticeably increase your happiness.

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Prevent Workplace Burnout  by Managing Your Emotional Quotient

July 10, 2018

Did you know that our emotions play an important role in the decisions we make in the workplace? From deciding how we approach tasks to how we respond to comments co-workers and bosses make, everyone taps into their emotional intelligence, which is also called EQ (emotional quotient).

A lack of this kind of intelligence can sometimes lead to rash and rushed decisions, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. At other times, EQ can allow us to make rational decisions using our emotions effectively, like empathizing with a customer’s perspective.

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Speaking Your Truth Even When It's Uncomfortable

December 11, 2017

There’s been a lot of truth-speaking filling the social discourse lately...and a lot of not-truth speaking. Especially with the proliferation of sexual assault discussions in every corner of every vocation nationwide, the idea of “speaking your truth” is front and center.

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Practice Gratitude for a Positive Attitude

December 31, 2016

Not only do I love gratitude because expressing it helps me realize just how amazing my life is, but also because I sometimes strive for a future goal and forget how profoundly fortunate we are right now today.

As human beings, it’s natural to desire more, to seek to transcend our present self. However, when we rivet our minds on the future, this can keep us from reveling in the bliss of the present moment. Without mindfulness and a disciplined mindset, our evolving brain can steal the present moment, and we can miss the joy and fulfillment of all the incredible abundance and people in our [...]

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